Nuts If Ya Listen, Nuts If Ya Don't

On-Air personality for over 40 years

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WCLG ROCKS, West Virginia

Radio | Film | Concert Promoter

Welcome! I’m Chris and I’ve been fortunate and blessed to do what I love doing since I was a kid thanks to you! I am thankful for supporting my life long radio journey - seeing America one radio station at a time since 1979.

I edit and post as many behind the scenes, conversations with music artists and news makers here. I will add more content on a regular basis, including video band intro’s and back stage footage.

What’s my next phase/ transition? A riveting, major-music documentary that will help heal a region, families, victims and friends. It’s been eight years in the making... trailers here Until next time, Keep Rockin’, Keep Rollin’ and Keep it covered! Thanks for listening and thank you VERY much for being there! --CC